14 Mayıs 2016 Cumartesi

Barak - The Last Khan of the Ak Orda

This will be my first trial of big sized flat figure, based on Maxim Gorelik's drawing from the book Great Atlas of the history and culture of Kazakhstan. I could not call this work under a specific sized category name because I dont know if such category is exists in flat world.

Barak Khan (years of ruling 1423-1428) was Khan of Ak Orda, son of Kuyyrshak Khan and grandson of Orys Khan. That time Barak Khan was one of the influential khans. He participated in construction of Sygnak city.  In 1423, Barak Khan started to carry on the policy against Maverannarkh. In 1425 he required to return ancient lands of Ak Orda along Syrdariya River. At the beginning of 1427 troops of Ulugbek and Barak Khans started an exterminatory war. Only after the interference of Girat's troops headed by  Shakhrukh Barak Khan had to come back to Desht-i-Kipchak. Sygnak city again became the center of Orys Khan's offspring.

Barak, the grandson of Urus Khan was the last khan of the Ak Orda in the period when it was weakened and defeated by Tamerlane. A large part of the Ak Horde was entered in Khanate of Abulkhair , the rest of Ak-Orda was a part of the Nogai Horde.

I made a standart start. Prepared Super Sculpey - Fimo clay mix. Rolled it out up to some 2 mm. thickness and pinned and tooled outline excess parts after pinning..

So main hulk is ready and waiting to be detailing.. 

A week passed from the start and I started to want some painting practice. May be a Landsknecht, really wonder that guy how to get paint...

Primed and went under RTV . 

First copy..


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