16 Nisan 2016 Cumartesi

Yavuz Sultan Selim Han

Trying new painting techniques for me on my Yavuz Selim Han flat figure.

Flesh is only one layer of 876 Brown Sand. I will start shadows and lights later..  

On red areas, I used 028 Vermillion, 034 Burnt Red and GC ink 72086. Turban is painted with 005 Ivory as base color, Light Gray 155 used in shadows and white as lights. Still applying glaze layers and nothing is concluded at the moment..

                                            Inspired by this portrait of  Sultan Yavuz Selim

First and second lights applied by mixing 815 to 876. For shadows I added 814 to 876 and used 815 directly for highlights.. I washed whole figure with Army Painter's soft tone wash which is my favourite material nowadays. I will work more on lights on whole figure..

With the adding small details, this project is concluded.

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